Map of Morene

Map of Morene

A beautifully coloured and more detailed version of this hangs, framed, beside my computer, thanks to my friend Karen, the very talented lady behind Karen Nolan Design in Ireland.
The map is very, very useful for checking where I am and how to get from A to B.
This, simpler one, was easier to photograph!


2 thoughts on “Map of Morene

  1. Kirsty says:

    I love being able to see where everything takes place and how to get here from there!

  2. We’re listening to The Hobbit on the iPod (again), and just listened to Elrond’s discovery of the moon rune’s on the map, at which point the narrator reminds us of Bilbo’s love of maps and runes and spidery writing. … I’d say Mr Tolkien is very near the surface at this point 🙂

    As a reader, I love a detailed map, but as a writer, I get scared my bad ‘miles per day’ calcs will show… 🙂

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