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Every now and then a special book comes along….


SILVANA – The Greening



by Belinda Mellor


Once heard, the song of a Silvana can never be forgotten.

Yet for every man who wins such a wife there are three destroyed in the attempt.


Sixteen-year-old Fabiom dreams of winning the love of a Silvana, one of the mysterious and powerful tree spirits who haunt the deepest groves of the wildwood. But when he is suddenly thrown into the political arena and expected to keep the family silk business running, everything changes. Fabiom fears he will have to put aside his dream, for such a quest is perilous and Deepvale cannot afford to lose its young lord.

However, the piece of amber he finds beneath the huge ash tree could change his mind. If one of the Silvanii is upset enough to weep golden tears at the thought of losing him, then presenting himself on the eve of his seventeenth birth-anniversary might not be so dangerous after all.

What Fabiom does not know, is that the fiercely guarded secrets of silk-making have been sold abroad, putting more than the economic stability of his holding at risk; it was the Silvanii who first gifted Morene’s people with those secrets, and they do not take kindly to betrayal.



REVIEW A beautifully-written and engrossing treat(T Bass 18/12/13)



REVIEW  An absolute gem. (A Power 17/12/13)


REVIEW  A beautiful read from a great story teller. (J E Lane 02/12/13)



Belinda Mellor lives with her husband and daughter and far too many animals on a lifestyle block near Nelson; a place the family came to on holiday some years back and forgot to leave. A background in theology and applied spirituality make her eminently suited to a life of goat milking and egg collecting.

At the age of five she won a school award for ‘free expression’ and has not stopped writing since. She was an inaugural winner of an Ian St James literary award for her fantasy story Bronwen’s Dowry (published in the Collins anthology At the Stroke of Twelve). Since then she has been awarded a literary bursary and an award for a character-driven story, had numerous non-fiction and occasional fiction pieces published in magazines and local newspapers and a play for children performed by a theatre-in-education company.

Her current projects include readying the second Silvana book – the Turning – for publication; writing the third – Restoration; resurrecting a series of children’s stories about a fire-loving salamander family, originally written for an animation company that folded before the project could be realised; and completing a collaborative art book based on the story of creation and why the creator put THAT tree in such an accessible position.


           What readers have said about Silvana – The Greening

  • “Wonderful imagery more poetry than prose, it permeated the air around me with the sights and sounds of the woods”
  • “Breathtakingly beautiful images”
  • This is a fascinating and rich story, one I am completely swept into. The writing brings it to life. It’s wonderful”
  • “Your descriptions are stunning, and the story has stayed in my mind to haunt me”
  • “This novel feels important. I have chills right now just saying that”
  • “I wonder how anyone could read your books and not marvel at the talent and potential “
  • “….it almost seems to be a part of me; at least, I wallow in it as I did in sunshine when I was a young girl”

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Pages: 330

ISBN: 9780473-64024

Published: 2013


RRP NZ$34.50